Every episode, we feature the voices of young listeners from around the world. They offer amazing answers to our questions, and share their own wonderful words. And we want to hear from more of you!

We have a bunch of questions, and we’d love to hear your answers. Check out the questions below, and send your responses through our contact form. (If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve included simple recording instructions below.)


  1. What’s your favorite smell, and why? Describe it!

  2. What makes you special? Do you have an unusual talent or skill? Or an admirable quality like being thoughtful or kind? Tell us about it!

  3. Do you find yourself asking big questions like, how does gravity work? Or, who made the pants I’m wearing? We want to hear one of your biggest questions about how the world works.

  4. What’s your dream job, and why?

  5. “Wonderful words” are words that are fun to say, and words that have a special meaning for us. What’s a word you think is wonderful, and why?


Use the voice memo app on your cell phone to record! If you're not sure how to record a voice memo, check out Apple's instructions. Non-Apple phones have different voice memo apps, as well.

Before kids dive into answering our questions, have them record the following:

My name is ________, (first name only) and I’m from ________ (city/state).*

Select some or all of the questions below, and encourage kids to be as descriptive as possible! We want to hear them use their wonderful words in action, too.

When finished recording, upload the audio through our contact form.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

*Kids will be thanked in the show’s credits. To protect identities, we only include respondents’ first names and hometowns.