Nalvana’s friends all have superpowers. They can fly, run lightning fast, and even breathe under water! But what is Nalvana’s superpower? Actress Miali Buscemi reads today’s book. Plus, author Aviaq Johnston tells us about growing up in her hometown of Igloolik.

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"What’s My Superpower?" written by Aviaq Johnston and illustrated by Tim Mack. Copyright © 2017. Used with permission of Inhabit Media.

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  1. Fears come in all shapes and sizes -- but most of the time they’re not so scary once we face them. What’s a fear you had that you learned to overcome?               

  2. Write a super short rhyme! Keep it limited to just one or two lines. Make it silly or touching, and about anything you like! Your cat, jellybeans… whatever you want!

  3. Have you ever tried something new? Something you weren’t so sure you’d like? Tell us what that thing is -- (playing an instrument, trying a new sport) -- and why you ended up enjoying it!

  4. When you look at the night sky, what do you think about?

  5. What’s your favorite type of weather, and why?


We asked Aviaq Johnston what inspired her to write What’s My Superpower? and here’s what she had to say:

“When I watched a video of my friend's daughter running around with a cape and a cowboy hat, saying ‘I'm a superhero, but I don't know what my superpower is!’ I was inspired to write a book about a girl trying to figure out what she is good at. It reminded me of my childhood, and how much I wanted to have superpowers that others could see. Sometimes, we all need to be reminded that not all superpowers can be seen, and how kindness is just as important of a superpower as super speed or super strength.” -- Aviaq Johnston, author of What’s My Superpower?



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Cerulean (noun) A deep shade of blue. On a clear day, the sky is a striking cerulean blue.

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