Omu’s thick, red stew is sure to be the best meal she’s ever had. The only trouble is, everyone in town seems to agree. Author and illustrator Oge Mora visits the library to read her book. Plus, she tells us about the real-life Omu who inspired her book.

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Julie's Library: Thank You, Omu!
“Thank You, Omu!” written and illustrated by Oge Mora. Copyright © 2018. Used with permission of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. All rights reserved.


The main character in Thank you, Omu! is based on author and illustrator Oge Mora’s grandmother. The real Omu also loved to cook, and had a big, giving heart. As Oge described it, “everyone had a seat at my grandmother’s table.”


Oge Mora called her grandmother Omu, which means “Queen” in the Nigerian language Igbo. Do you have a special name for someone you love?

Draw a picture of that person, write their nickname next to them, and tell us where that name came from! We can’t wait to learn about the names you use for the important people in your lives.

Tell us about your special person!


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In this episode, we learned that Omu [AH-moo] means “queen” in Igbo.